August 2019

Laurence van Lent

Most people think that corporate disclosures are all about numbers and hard facts. While numbers play a central role, recent developments in machine learning and computational linguistics show that much more can be learned about important issues faced by companies, which is “hidden” between the numbers. Laurence van Lent’s research attempts to uncover this hidden information. Together with a team of international researchers he recently developed and published a measure for a firm’s exposure to political risk by using information gleaned from discussions between management and financial analysts in earnings conference calls. 

July 2019

Caren Sureth-Sloane & Joachim Gassen

Transparency is not only our research topic but also the guiding principle of our work. Thus, we will make our work transparent by sharing our research outcomes (data, code and more) with the academic community. In addition, members of the TRR 266 will blog about their work, findings in relation to current topics, developments and events they might come across. We will kick off the blog series with the initiators and spokespersons of the TRR 266, and strong advocates of open science and science communication: Caren Sureth-Sloane and Joachim Gassen.

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