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PhD Position – Project A07 “Ambiguity, Learning, and the Diffusion of Reporting Practices” 
You will be working within the TRR’s project A07 “Ambiguity, Learning, and the Diffusion of Reporting Practices” led by Katharina Hombach (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) and Thorsten Sellhorn (LMU Munich).

You are interested and qualified to conduct empirical work on firms’ mandatory and voluntary reporting practices and the role of social learning. You have completed a Master’s degree in business administration or a related field of study. You have the skills and motivation to work in the above research fields. You have advanced skills and knowledge pertinent to the A07 research program. These must include deep knowledge and/or work experience in accounting and transparency regulation and practices, which wil l be evidenced by either a pertinent specialization in your bachelor’s and/or master’s studies, bachelor’s and/or master’s theses on pertinent topics, and/or relevant internships in accounting, finance/investment banking, and/or auditing). We are also looking for evidence of pertinent empirical method skills, including programming skills in statistics software or languages such as R or Python, and/or initial experience in agent – based modeling (simulation), survey research and/or interview research. Very good analytical skills and English language skills, being a good team player, an independent way of working as well as a high level of commitment are also desired.

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